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A Regal Revival

In the 1920’s Tom Ah Quin was the most influential Chinese businessman in downtown San Diego. He owned the underground gambling establishment known as the Monkey King Lottery House, as well as Nanking Café. While being heavily involved in local politics he earned himself the unofficial title as “Mayor,” which helped Monkey King Lottery House become a meeting place for many powerful politicians and businessmen, where they would not only hold meetings but unwind and enjoy the fruits of their labor with food, drinks, and entertainment.

In 1935, the Monkey King Lottery House was raided by the government, which brought the gambling establishment to an end. The original tile entry way of the Nanking Café still exists to this day. So much history was made under this roof, which is why Monkey King was brought back to life so that patrons from all over can enjoy its charm and nostalgia for many years to come.

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